When will Coronavirus (COVID-19) end and How did it start ?

How did the coronavirus start? 

The episode started in Wuhan, China - a city with a populace of more than 11 million. 

The virus is accepted to have begun from a "wet market" where creatures, for example, bats, snakes, hares, and winged creatures are illicitly sold. 

People just as creatures - both living and dead - are assembled in close contact in wet markets in regularly unhygienic conditions. 

As the coronavirus is known to be moved from creatures to people, it is accepted market stallholders, who came into contact with creatures were the principal individuals tainted with the strain. 

A 61-year-old successive customer at the wet market was the main individual to bite the dust from the virus. 

Not long after the spread of the ailment, authorities in China forced an across the country restriction on the purchasing and selling of wild creatures in business sectors, caf├ęs and other retail puts. 

In spite of the fact that specialists are yet to recognize the creature wellspring of the virus, bats are broadly accepted to be the first has. 

How far has it spread? 

The virus has spread generally over the world with cases regularly multiplying in a day in a few nations. 

China, its focal point, remains the greatest hit with in excess of 81,000 cases and 3,253 passings. 

In the interim, in Europe, Italy has recorded in excess of 41,000 cases with 3,400 passings while Spain has 18,000 cases and 830 dead. 

The UK has so far recorded in excess of 3,269 cases of the virus, with 145 passings recorded. 

When will it end? 

Authorities said it is likely the outrageous estimates should remain set up until an immunization is found in 12 to year and a half, in any case, the ailment will return when lifted. 

Britain's Deputy Chief Medical Officer revealed to Sky News it is "completely conceivable" the coronavirus pandemic could continue "for a long time". 

Prof Ferguson included: "It is likely such measures - most eminently, enormous scope social separating - should be set up for a long time - maybe until an immunization opens up. The impacts on nations and the world will be significant. 

In one of his every day briefings, Boris Johnson uncovered logical improvements were not too far off that could "reverse the situation in the following 12 weeks". 

He said "I'm totally sure we can ask coronavirus to take a hike however just on the off odds that we as a reawaken the strides plot. I realize we are asking an enormous sum from individuals yet it is urgent for sparing a large number of lives. 

"It is by this blend of enact, aggregate activity and logical advancement that we are as of now aspect we will succeed."

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